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Azerbaijani kamancha
Although the Azeri kamancha has been used with 4 strings for nearly 100 years, we know that it was an instrument played with 3 strings a century ago. The classical Azeri kamancha boat is an instrument that can be made with various types of wood that can be carved or shaped as leaves. It is made by stretching the leather to the mouth of the round vessel and the sound is obtained by the vibration of the air in the round vessel. Although it is used in Azeri music, especially in the form of trio (Kamança, tar, gaval) and maqam music, it is also used as a saz in many different music genres today. The fact that it is a bowed and fretless reed allows high adaptation to the kamancha. 5-stringed kamancha was also made by Arslan Hazreti. It offers a wider range of bass sounds to performers of 5-string kamancha. Before Arslan, there were 5-string kamancha trials. However, the first 5-string kamancha that can be used and played practically was made by Arslan Hazreti.